Face Shields by J.M.Parish

J.M.Parish Enterprises offers three different styles of Face Shields in Black or Tan. Reusable, durable, washable, and fashionable. Face Shields by J.M.Parish looks great as a visor, or looks great when fitted over a baseball cap! Order yours today!

Face Shields can be purchased at our Barberton location or shipped at your convenience (S&H to be added to total). Delivery and pick up options available for bulk orders. Please contact J.M.Parish Enterprises for inquiries.

Available Face Shield Styles

Bulk pricing available - 6-25: 10% off total order, 26+: 15% off total order

Long Shield with Cloth Skirt Style - Black D08-20-094-1, Tan D08-20-094-2


The Long Shield with Cloth Skirt Style was created after consulting with local teachers who had concerns with standing over children in the classroom. It both supplies protection across the face while allowing their facial expressions to be fully viewed.

The Cloth Skirt, made from mask material, drapes down under the Face Shield as an extra layer of protection from spittle and spray.

The Cloth Skirt is now detachable by popular demand. Sewn on hook and loop makes it easy to peel off or re-attach the skirt. Additional skirts are available.

Long Shield Style - Black D08-20-095-1, Tan D08-20-095-2


The Long Shield Style Face Shield provides all the ease and comfort of our innovative Face Shields with extended coverage. The Face Shield is approximately 9” below the visor for face and neck protection.

Short Shield Style - Black D08-20-096-1, Tan D08-20-096-2


The Short Shield Style Face Shield is your standard first line of protection. The Face Shield is approximately 7” below the visor for maximum head mobility and comfort.

Replacement Long Shield (rivets included) - D08-20-095-4


Replacement Short Shield (rivets included) - D08-20-096-4


Replacement Long Shield with Sew-on Attachment Strip (for skirt, rivets included) - D08-20-094-4


Replacement Skirt with Sew-on Attachment Strip (for skirt, rivets included) - D08-20-094-5


About Our Face Shields

In 2020, J.M.Parish Enterprises joined the fight against Covid-19 and re-tooled to manufacture high quality Face Shields for protection.

J.M.Parish Enterprises utilized prior experience in hot air welding and material performance along with the input of local teachers and industry experts to conceive a Face Shield with superb performance.

During the pandemic, J.M.Parish Enterprises was a supplier of Face Shields for teachers across the country, healthcare personnel, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and many individuals concerned for their safety.

Now that 2020 is over, J.M.Parish Enterprises is proud to continue to offer the Face Shields line for purchase; individual or in bulk. Whether you are protecting yourself from germs or other hazards, J.M.Parish Enterprises has the perfect Face Shield for you.

These Face Shields are more comfortable than typical shields due to the visor design, made from a soft pack material for easy rolling and storage.

The innovative visor design holds the shield away from the face, providing airflow and reducing the likelihood of forehead irritation. Your Face Shield can be worn as a visor or it can be fitted over a baseball cap if desired. The buckle maintains the perfect strap length for proper fit.

To wash, simply submerge the entire Face Shield (visor included) in lukewarm soapy water and wash by hand.

All Face Shields are proudly manufactured in Barberton, Ohio.

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