The Polisher

The Polisher is a commercial grade machine that has been evaluated by The Ohio Department of Transportation. It prepares asphalt samples as required when testing for long term traction validation. Standard asphalt samples are prepared for testing by The Polisher in a controlled process. The consistency of the process is critical when comparing data with other samples or correlating data for long term performance.

The Polisher is proudly manufactured and assembled in Northeast Ohio.


Any combination of or all accessories may be purchased with your Polisher or separately.

The Polisher Stand - D68-13-367-1

The Polisher Stand supports The Polisher at an ergonomically efficient height to minimize worker fatigue. It also supports and properly aligns the Filtration System for particle collection. Shelving is included for storage of Polish Discs, tools, testing equipment, etc.

Work Table - D68-13-366-1

The Work Table provides a solid work platform in the lab. Made with the same ruggedness as The Polisher and The Polisher Stand, the Work Table will surely perform well in your industrial environment.

Filtration System - D68-13-368-1

The Filtration System traps particles from the drain water, minimizing the chance of clogged drain lines in your facility. A disposable filter bag is supported within the tank. The Filter System includes the Filtration Tank, one (1) Filter Bag, mounting/positioning brackets for The Polisher Stand.

Filtration Tank Cart - D68-13-369-1

The Filtration Tank Cart eases emptying the Filtration System’s tank. While locked to The Polisher Stand, the tank can be slid onto the Filtration Tank Cart. After transporting to a convenient location, the full Filter Bag can be lifted out of its tank and disposed of.

Filter Bag - D68-13-370-1

The open weave sewn Filter Bag traps particles from the drain water. When filled, the top may be secured and the Filter Bag discarded.

Additional Spare Parts for Purchase

Magnetic Check List D68-13-024-1
T-Bolt Clamp for Sample Tray D68-12-095-1
Particle Trap D68-12-094-1
Sample Tray D68-12-093-1
Flow Meter Bracket D68-12-141-1
Flow Meter D68-12-005-68
Regulator D68-12-005-65
Lock Out Key Block D68-12-140-1
Safety Interlock Switch D68-12-005-67
240 V Single Phase Cord 6 Feet
240 V Single Phase Cord 12 Feet
240 V Single Phase Cord 18 Feet
240 V / 208 V Three Phase Cord 6 Feet
240 V / 208 V Three Phase Cord 12 Feet
240 V / 208 V Three Phase Cord 18 Feet
480 V Three Phase Cord 6 Feet
480 V Three Phase Cord 12 Feet
480 V Three Phase Cord 18 Feet

Special arrangements can likely be made to replace any part of The Polisher. Please contact J.M. Parish Enterprises with any inquiries.


The Polisher - D68-12-004-1

The Polisher is constructed with a strong rigid steel body and steel components. The machine components are powder coated to ensure a long life and an aesthetic addition to any laboratory. Stainless steel fasteners and shafts are used for a durable and easily maintainable long life. The Polisher comes with an easy-to-follow operations manual, operations procedure magnetic placard, and maintenance check list. The Polisher is typically wired for 240 V single phase, but can also be wired for 240 V three phase, 208 V three phase, and 480 V three phase. The voltage requirements must be specified upon order. For questions or concerns, please contact J.M. Parish Enterprises.

Polish Disc - D68-12-013-1

Polish Discs are required to prepare asphalt samples and are considered a wear item. New Polish Discs should typically be used for each asphalt sample. Polish Discs are made of a special rubber compound and is molded directly to the Polish Disc Plate for easy mounting.

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